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Effective October 2017, this website will not be updated. We have REBRANDED and launched our posts on our new website: www.DrMommaSays.com!

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I created Momma Addict as a celebration of motherhood as I entered my empty nest and to share practical healthcare tips parents will find useful for their children.

The blog is designed to inspire women to keep pushing through the struggles of motherhood and ignore the pressures of social media to become a perfect mother! The stories highlight about how imperfect I was in raising my daughters….yet I was wildly successful in launching both adult children into the world.

Dr. Momma says… is a section where I use my 30 years as a pediatric surgeon to share general information to improve your interactions at doctor visits with your kids, to improve your expectations for the visits, and of course, to share valuable information about pediatric Ear, Nose and Throat problems.






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