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Momma Addicts May Forget to Breathe

We need to breathe. Period. Let’s not forget that. Sometimes in your attempt to support your child, you worry, an unhealthy amount, about their reactions to failure. Failure should be viewed as an opportunity to learn and grow and succeed in the future. But does failure need to be extremely public or potentially humiliating? I don’t […]

Momma Card Suspension is Possible

A Momma card is an imaginary card that is given to every woman as soon as she gives birth, adopts, fosters or becomes a guardian to a child. She is then officially deemed to be a mother and agrees to honor the duties of a mother. What are mother duties? Well, I looked it up since […]

Survivalist Mom Mode

This is the story of how I became a survivalist mom within months of giving birth. I feel this is an important topic to address now because some pregnant women are preparing for parenting perfection while other women are still struggling and hoping to achieve parenting perfection. Spoiler alert: it does not exist. You will […]