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7 Ear Infection FACTS Every Mother Should Know

January 22, 2017
Dr.Momma shares 7 ear infection facts that parents will find useful when discussing their child's problem with their physician.

1.  Infections occur in the outer, middle and inner part of the ear Middle ear infections (called otitis media), are the most common type and occur when fluid collects behind the eardrum. These infections are caused by swelling in the nose which leads to blocking the eustachian tube. Outer ear infections (called otitis externa, or swimmer’s […]

5 Common Myths about Ear Infections

January 15, 2017
5Common Myths about Ear Infections

  The term ear infection has many meanings, but most people use the term to describe middle ear infections. These infections occur when there is an inflammation of the middle ear, and fluid builds up behind the eardrum. Anyone can get an ear infection, but kids get them more often than adults. The scientific name […]