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The Empty Nest: Time to Reclaim Your Indentity

The empty nest. The time when our nurtured children leave home and continue to grow without our daily input. Many parents, mothers especially, feel as if they are in mourning. That they are no longer needed. That they have no purpose.  The empty nest represents different things to different people. New mothers immediately fall in […]

5 Fantastical Ear Tube Myths: Debunked!

March 5, 2017
Dr. Momma shares the top 5 ear tube myths that the majority of her patient families believe about ear tube surgery and corrects the misinformation.

Ear infections are common childhood illnesses. Most children outgrow the infections after medical management, but some children need ear tubes to relieve the recurrent infections. Numerous ear tube myths exist which cause additional concern for parents. I  have previously discussed how ear tubes may be useful to treat chronic ear infections.  As a pediatric Ear Nose […]