3 Pediatric Hearing Loss Types Parents Must Understand

September 17, 2017
Dr. Momma discusses how the ear normally functions and how the impact of three different types of pediatric hearing loss can impact development

Pediatric hearing loss represents a problem that can lead to a long-term impact on a child’s development. It is estimated that between 2-6 babies have hearing loss for every 1000 babies born. There are many causes of hearing loss.  While some are congenital (present at birth), others are hereditary (genetic), acquired (develop after birth) or […]

Processed Food Epidemic: 6 tips to counteract the effects

The processed food epidemic has become a daily task for parents to fight. We are constantly teased with new better, tasting processed foods while simultaneously encouraged to eat organic. Some people are successful at creating and serving extremely healthy, all natural foods to their kids; however, many of us struggle. Childhood obesity is real and overfeeding […]

Kids’ Personal Information: 8 old school facts parents must continue to teach kids

Keeping kids’ personal information protected remains an important task for parents. This task has become harder over the years due to younger kids gaining access to the internet and perhaps sharing information inappropriately. Sadly, much of the information children share online is already stored on their devices, and they do not actually have the data memorized. […]

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