Nasal Salt Water Washes: 10 Tips for successful use

Nasal salt water washes stand as an extremely useful method to improve symptoms cause by a runny, congested nose. My previous post detailed  how the nasal salt water washes are beneficial. Regardless of the cause of nasal swelling and mucous production, cleansing with nasal salt water (saline) relieves symptoms and helps to prevent progression of the disease. Since […]

Nasal Saline: Six Salty Secrets to Beat Allergies!

Nasal saline is a fancy word for salt water! Years ago,  many physicians (myself included!) used to provide a “recipe” for parents to make their own salt water nasal mix. Now rows and rows of nasal saline solutions line store shelves everywhere. Most people understand the value to saline washes in infants who have trouble breathing. However, […]

IgE and Allergies: 5 facts you need to know

IgE  and allergies are words that often are discussed hand-in hand.  “IgE allergy” is a specific disease process and is NOT an intolerance. My previous blog post discussed food allergies compared to food intolerances.  When doctors evaluate allergies, they frequently measure IgE; however, people do not know what IgE is! Let’s start with some basics. “Ig” […]

4 False Food Allergy Beliefs: Allergy and Intolerance are not the same

False food allergy beliefs are extremely common. The word allergy refers to a specific reaction of the immune system and medical treatments are directed toward blocking this reaction. False food allergy beliefs drive many people to over treat and aggressively manage symptoms. This over-treatment occurs out of fear that a progressive food allergy reaction may happen. Food intolerances may mimic […]

5 Easy Empowerment Tips for Fathers

Empowerment for fathers is important. Most of the conversations in society focus on women’s rights, and I am a HUGE proponent of women’s empowerment on many, many levels.  However, the purpose of this post is to share the need for empowerment of fathers when it comes to our children. Mothers tend to be the dominant […]

6 Quiet Time Activities For Doctor Office Visits

Affiliate links are used on this blog. Read my full disclosure here. Parents need to teach kids quiet time activities which will allow adults to interact with other adults. I have raised two girls and fully understand that kids like attention and stimulating activities. However, kids need to learn quiet time activities which allow parents the […]

The Empty Nest: Time to Reclaim Your Indentity

The empty nest. The time when our nurtured children leave home and continue to grow without our daily input. Many parents, mothers especially, feel as if they are in mourning. That they are no longer needed. That they have no purpose.  The empty nest represents different things to different people. New mothers immediately fall in […]