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Processed Food Epidemic: 6 tips to counteract the effects

The processed food epidemic has become a daily task for parents to fight. We are constantly teased with new better, tasting processed foods while simultaneously encouraged to eat organic. Some people are successful at creating and serving extremely healthy, all natural foods to their kids; however, many of us struggle. Childhood obesity is real and overfeeding […]

Kids’ Personal Information: 8 old school facts parents must continue to teach kids

Keeping kids’ personal information protected remains an important task for parents. This task has become harder over the years due to younger kids gaining access to the internet and perhaps sharing information inappropriately. Sadly, much of the information children share online is already stored on their devices, and they do not actually have the data memorized. […]

5 Easy Empowerment Tips for Fathers

Empowerment for fathers is important. Most of the conversations in society focus on women’s rights, and I am a HUGE proponent of women’s empowerment on many, many levels.  However, the purpose of this post is to share the need for empowerment of fathers when it comes to our children. Mothers tend to be the dominant […]

6 Quiet Time Activities For Doctor Office Visits

Affiliate links are used on this blog. Read my full disclosure here. Parents need to teach kids quiet time activities which will allow adults to interact with other adults. I have raised two girls and fully understand that kids like attention and stimulating activities. However, kids need to learn quiet time activities which allow parents the […]

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