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ovalHi I’m Debby, sometimes called Dr.B.  I am a proud pediatric Ear, Nose and Throat surgeon and military veteran who has raised two wonderful daughters. As a new empty nester, I now have the time to share my parenting reflections, and educational healthcare tips.

Most new moms start off motherhood in a very organized fashion with a wealth of knowledge from books and blogs about the best way for them to raise their kids. With my type A personality, I was no different and mapped out an extremely well-organized plan for raising my two daughters. But parenting never follows the expected path!


Here is my family, circa 1997 when I was fully in charge. I approved the photographer, the clothes and the pose. My mother thought we looked like a dance troupe.family-dance-troupe-lg

Here is my family, circa 2015 when I was thrilled just to have us all in one place and for a photo to occur. One daughter picked out the clothes, the other picked our pose and the camera was on a self-timer in the backyard.  The Burtons have become quite a bunch of colorful characters!

Family of 4 in colorful shirts in totem pole formation

Clearly, many things have changed over 25 years, but most significant was my view on parenting. My husband and I have raised two strong, smart and bold women, and many people have asked my advice on how they can obtain these same successes. My journey will highlight our some of our decisions which allowed us to follow this path. It was a winding road for sure! My hope is that my reflections will help you be a little less harsh on yourself and perhaps help you avoid some of the pitfalls that I wish I could have avoided.

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Debby, aka Dr. B



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