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3 Pediatric Hearing Loss Types Parents Must Understand
Pediatric hearing loss represents a problem that can lead to a long-term impact on a child's development. It is estimated[...]
Lying to Physicians: 7 examples that must stop
Lying to physicians tends to be a default reaction that patients have when they are embarrassed. Embarrassed about the disease or length[...]
Processed Food Epidemic: 6 tips to counteract the effects
The processed food epidemic has become a daily task for parents to fight. We are constantly teased with new better,[...]
Diagnosing Food Allergies: Top 4 Recommended Techniques
Diagnosing food allergies can be a tricky thing to do! When your immune system overreacts to a special protein found in[...]
Open Letter to my Fellow Physicians: I apologize for asking you to do one more job
To my fellow physicians, I apologize for asking you to do one more job. But I must. It is for the[...]
Nasal Mucus De-Mystified: 10 Facts Everyone Should Know
Nasal mucus. There, I said it! These represent two words that no one likes to talk about.  Sadly, mucus has[...]
Nasal Salt Water Washes: 10 Tips for successful use
Nasal salt water washes stand as an extremely useful method to improve symptoms cause by a runny, congested nose. My previous[...]
Nasal Saline: Six Salty Secrets to Beat Allergies!
Nasal saline is a fancy word for salt water! Years ago,  many physicians (myself included!) used to provide a "recipe" for[...]
IgE and Allergies: 5 facts you need to know
IgE  and allergies are words that often are discussed hand-in hand.  "IgE allergy" is a specific disease process and is[...]
4 False Food Allergy Beliefs: Allergy and Intolerance are not the same
False food allergy beliefs are extremely common. The word allergy refers to a specific reaction of the immune system and medical treatments are[...]


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